Dark Age Deeds of the Celtic Saints
Born from druids, and attuned to wild nature and the memory of old gods, Irish monks carried the torch of civilisation through a dark age of conflict. Patrick, Brigid, Columba, Colman, and Brendan - they parleyed with pagan heroes, battled with words for the spiritual compass of these isles, and ploughed the waves in search of earthly paradise. This production explores the legends and history of the golden age of the Celtic saints in the midst of Britainís Dark Ages. Dynamic storytelling from two voices - Anthony Nanson and David Metcalfe - is supported by haunting music on guitar and bodhran and punctuated by songs David has specially composed for the show, based on poetry from the period.

"This was a totally absorbing experience, following the journey with the storyteller and singer in tandem. Anthony's skills to engage the audience are at their height and he and David make an excellent team in this tour de force."
Verona Bass, Rondo Theatre